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All you need to know about DUI sr22 insurance

A sr22 filing is a document or electronic certification which is issued by an auto insurance company verifying to the state that the insured has an auto insurance policy with the state’s minimum liability limits. DUI sr22 insurance is required for those who are involved in drunk driving related offense. It is an agreement between the DMV and the high risk insurance provider which sates that in any case if the insured is not providing insurance coverage required by the state than the company will immediately notify the DMV. On receiving this notification the DMV will promptly suspend your license for the failure to comply with the state’s minimum insurance requirements. The requirements of this certification vary from state to state, but in most cases you are required to carry it for a minimum period of 3 years after any DUI related offense.

When is DUI sr22 insurance needed?

Each year in US, it is estimated that DUI related driving cases result in 18% of all the traffic related deaths. If you are arrested for this offence, the arresting officer will issue you either a “Notice of Revocation” or “Notice of Suspension” and your driving license will be confiscated. In order to reinstate your license you will have to perform DUI sr22 insurance filing. This means that the DMV has classified you as high risk driver. Once you are booked for this offense you will have to show your DUI record in many situations. This record can stay on your driving license indefinitely. Many people believe that this record will be removed after certain years but this does not hold true for most states. If you are residing in a state where you can expunge your record, then find from your local DMV office when you can file the necessary paperwork.

dui sr22 insurance

Consequences of sr22 insurance coverage lapse: 

If for any reason you experience lapse in your coverage it is the duty of your insurance carrier to inform to the DMV of your state who in return will suspend or revoke your license once again. Only when you can meet the minimum financial liability of your state, your insurance provider can file for another SR22 filing with your DMV office. You will have to pay another license reinstatement fee to the DMV. Once you have paid the fees and your insurance provider has filed the sr22, your license will be reinstated. You will have to start the 3-year SR22 filing period all over again.

DUI sr22 insurance companies: 

If you are currently insured with an auto insurance company and are booked for DUI there are chances that you may have to pay minimum premium rates if you have a good credit history. But if your insurance carrier does not offer this policy it is best to look out for different options like your local phone directory or search online. This insurance is ideal for individuals who have gotten themselves a DUI ticket. But before purchasing this insurance it is best to scout out some time and carry out a thorough research on the insurance companies you intend pay to. Make sure you are getting this policy with the best deal. There are several companies who help people with a bad driving record to get this policy. The best way to get the most affordable and reputed company is by searching online. There are many insurance companies websites available on the internet. As the competition is strong to get the business you can take the benefit and find cheapest quotes for DUI sr22 insurance.


The outcome which is caused due to driving under influence is terrible as it causes stress and anxiety. But with all the right information you can grab cheap sr22 insurance online.