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Do you know about sr22 insurance in Chicago?

For the residents of any state there is a minimum state insurance requirement for vehicles by law. These minimum requirements can be found at the website of any state insurance commissioner. Each state has its own minimum requirement for auto insurance. Sr-22 is not required by all but it is only for those whose driving license has been revoked or suspended due to violation of traffic rules, DUI or DWI. Sr22 insurance in Chicago shows proof of financial responsibility. It is required to be carried for a specific period of time usually for 3 years. Your sr-22 status expiries, once you properly fulfill that time period. It is a mechanism in Chicago that monitors the insurance of the problem drivers. It also authorizes the secretary of the state to suspend it upon cancellation or expiration. Through this process the mandatory insurance is enforced in most effective and efficient way.

Minimum liability limits of sr22 insurance in Chicago:

This policy should meet the minimum requirement of the state which is:

$15,000 for property damage.
$20,000 for one person killed or injured.
$40,000 for two or more persons killed or injured.

If one does not want a sr22 form than the individual should deposit $55,000 in cash or securities with the State Treasurer. One can also file for real estate or surety bond approved by a court of record.

If you are moving to another state you may request to waive this insurance. This can be done by filing an affidavit. All other Chicago reinstatement requirements must be met prior to license reinstatement. The affidavit only waives the sr22 insurance for Chicago and you will be subjected to the insurance norms of new home state once you are the resident of that state. Your insurance will be reinstated if you come back to Chicago within three years from time of acceptance of the insurance waiver. The sr22 insurance in Chicago protects the citizens from all uninsured motorists.

sr22 insurance chicago

Best sr22 insurance companies in Chicago:

United Auto Insurance:

The company has been in insurance business since 50 years and offers top quality insurance at lowest possible prices. Even when you have tickets they guarantee lowest possible rates. They offer sr22 coverage the same day. Their friendly and knowledgeable representatives will customize a monthly payment plan to fit your budget. They specialize in last moment coverage. You can use debit card, credit card or can check right over the phone.

Insure on the spot:

This independent insurance based company is based in Chicago, Illinois. The company was founded in 1986 and over the years with its cutting edge technology has changed the way people buy car insurance. The company specializes in insuring drivers with DUI, DWI, sr22, having many tickets and high risk. They offer the lowest renewal prices at the time of automobile policy renewal. The company offers competitive quotes/ rates, efficient claim service, affordable monthly rentals to keep you off stress. Their car insurance is cost effective, convenient and comparative.

Urban insurance agency:

Over the past 45 years the company has been providing low cost insurance to the people of Chicago without compromising on personal service. Over the years they have expanded to be licensed in the states of Michigan, Indiana, Mississippi, as well as the home state of Illinois. They get best auto insurance coverage and most competitive rates as they represent more than thirty insurance companies. They electronically file the sr22 forms the same day which saves your time and effort and helps you to regain your driving privileges.

To get the best rate for sr22 insurance in Chicago compare the rates of different insurance companies. This insurance helps your driving privileges to be reinstated.