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Are you looking out for sr22 insurance companies?

Most people rely on obtaining auto insurance to protect themselves against any loss in case of any accidents. In most of the states in US you are required to have basic insurance to cover the cost of the losses you cause to others in an accident. Some drivers are considered high risk drivers which need added coverage in the form of sr22. So if you are one amongst them than it is best to look out for sr22 insurance companies in your state. This is required by those who have violated traffic rules without the appropriate financial responsibility as required by state law. This certificate is filed by an insurance company directly to the Secretary of State. This certificate remains valid as long as the coverage of your SR-22 auto insurance policy remains in effect.

Not all the insurance companies offer sr22 and the ones which offer charge higher rates. This definitely increases your auto insurance cost and it can be expensive. But the amount you have to pay for this insurance depends greatly on your past driving records. It is true that no single sr22 insurance company offers lowest rate on the filing of this form in very situation. To get the best deals it is wise to compare quotes from different insurance carriers. As without comparing the rates you will not know if there is cheaper company available and if you fail to do so it can be a costly mistake. Sometimes you can take advantage of multi line discounts and save up to 30% on this insurance. It is best to select a company who represents several different insurance companies. This will help you to get competitive rates which can be of great benefit to you.

Best sr22 insurance companies:

Serenity Insurance:

Mr. Thomas A. Black, the founder and CEO of Serenity Insurance has a vast experience of 30years in insurance business. This company serves 47 states in US treating all their customers with dignity and respect. In case of alcohol related drivers they not only understand society’s point of view but also from the offender’s point of view. They provide caring and confidential service along with affordable prices for drivers requiring SR-22 filing. This company is also committed to closely working with alcohol treatment centers to help their clients deal with alcohol related problems. They offer the best competitive rate in the industry with affordable payment plans.


The company was founded in 1937 and till today has always lived up to its name. They are one of the largest auto insurance groups in the country. They have always done what their name suggests by being a step ahead than other carriers by finding new and affordable insurance solutions. To offer the best to their clients they have introduced new and personalized Snapshot® program and Name Your Price® car insurance shopping option. This company makes your sr22 insurance shopping easy as it offers comparison of rates, discounts, money saving tips and payment plan options. They offer great insurance coverage and superior customer service which will help you to save hundreds on auto insurance.

sr22 insurance companies

The General:

This company is a subsidiary of PGC Holdings Corp. It is a licensed insurance agency that offers auto insurance online. They offer best to all those drivers who have a history of driving violations or accidents and have not kept their car insurance and have less than perfect credit. They offer low down payments for every policy holder. They offer payment credit/debit card, and also accept electronic checks in some states. This company offers convenient monthly payments plan. They offer quick and prompt sr 22 insurance to the needed drivers. They offer many discounts and you are sure to find a quote which is cheaper than other companies.


To conclude find sr22 insurance company which offers affordable quotes and respects the dignity and protects the privacy of their customers.